Our Company

Welcome to Cergas Group. The group consists of Cergas Proses Sdn. Bhd. formerly known as IPSH (Johore) Sdn. Bhd. which founded in year 2004. With 7 years experiences, we have developed into a leading regional based company to carry out trading in the field of Process Instrument, Industrial Automation, and System Packages which supply to the field of industrial process, air and water quality monitoring, waste water treatment plant, refrigeration, environmental, etc. In order to focus on the process instrument field, we changed our company name as Cergas Proses Sdn. Bhd. and introduced into the market since May 2010. We are also involved in turnkey projects for biogas plant, biodiesel plant, water authority pumping house system, sewage treatment plant project and boiler control instrument system. Besides the process instrument business, we split our control valve business to our sister company called Valvepro Sdn. Bhd. in order to provide better service in terms of professionalism. The main objective of Cergas Group is to supply the goods and service in time with reasonable price, in order to create a win-win situation. The commitment to maintaining an efficient inventory system enables us to have products readily available to meet customers’ demand. The constant effort of our international procurement personnel in sourcing for new and better products worldwide enables us to continuously offer new and better quality products to our customers at competitive prices. Our business philosophy is very clear to provide you the customer with the best products and the highest levels of service and support. We are not just the business of selling. We are committed in determining customer’s present and future needs, sourcing and recommending the best products around the world to meet these needs and therefore giving the best possible after sales support. However, Cergas Group is the group that is dedicated to meet even the most stringent automation requirements as the company takes pride in its objective to be able to answer to all your automation needs.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to continuously strive for excellence in providing solutions to cater for the Process & Factory Automation needs and work closely with our business partners in achieving their ultimate goal in the global market. All of us at Cergas Group are completely committed to customer service and support, and we continue to provide the highest standards for the benefit of our value customer.
– constantly increase our company’s productivity and yield.
– provide product that are safe for use.
– have competent staff so as to meet our quality standards.
– improve the quality and knowledge of our staff.
– provide quality products and services to our customers.

Our GOAL emphasizes on our continual efforts to upgrade with the latest technology and to ensure that our customers achieve the highest satisfaction with the best product and service in turn of best performance to price ratio.

Our Products & Services

Cergas group started since 2004, has grown to become leading Instrument and valves supplier to supply quality products and System packages to the field of industrial process, air and waterQuality monitoring,waste water treatment, environmental Equipment.We are also involve inTurnkey project for biogas, water authority Pumping house system, sewage treatment plant project and boiler Control system.Our team of engineer with vast experience and familiarity of Products specification, designs and r&d; are actively involved in Suppl Ing to vital industries such as oil & gas, onshore & offshoreRefineries, petrochemicals, power plants, marine sector, epc, Petronas license & major instrumentation & control companies in Malaysia, indonesia, singapore, vietnam and pilipine for over 8 years .